The Internet Protocol address, more commonly known as the IP address, is the identifying number given to a network hardware such as computers, cell phones, and other devices. It allows the smooth flow of communication between the various devices over an IP-based network.

The IP address is basically referred to as the identity of a networked device. Identity in a sense that the network can pinpoint the host and its location, therefore it is much easier to communicate and send information or data to and fro. They are grouped into two types: public, which is those used outside of your network and is assigned by your internet service providers; and private, those which are used inside a network and are assigned automatically by your router or can be set manually.

There are a number of ways on how to find your IP address. There are various websites which are designed just for this purpose. Some of these websites are, and much more. Just simply log on to either of these websites and follow the instructions. Aside from that, you can also check it through the Command Prompt by simply using the ipconfig command.

Online communication has become widely rampant ever since we began the computer age. That is why many developments were made in order to secure the network. With the help of the internet protocol, a set of rules have governed the systematic use of the internet. Online safety and security have now been established.

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