An IP address is responsible for identifying computers within the internet. It functions in a similar manner as a return address would on a mail. So basically, it tells us the identity of the computer that is using the network and the location where that data or information required would be sent back. It is assigned with a string of numbers written in this manner ###.###.###.###

When you use your device and send a request through various websites, let’s say for example Google, it will then tag the request using your device’s designated IP address. This will then inform Google from whom the request came from and where to deliver the response. This enhances network security and improves the response time of different websites because they already know the identity and the location of those giving the request.

The use of the IP address helps users get their desired results from search engines or any other websites. Since it is based on a real-world location, it can be used to guess your exact location and provide you with local results. It simply defines the website’s replies with choices that are within your location.

In today’s modern world, the rapid improvement of computer technology has played a very important role in our lives. Thus, being able to identify and locate each device that is being used plays a key role in network security and protection. It is necessary for us to maintain a safe internet community through the use of the internet protocol address.

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