IP address

Every one of us for sure has heard of the term IP address unless you live far from civilization. But do we really understand what it is for and why it is important? It is perhaps one of the most interesting and fascinating products of modern computer technology. It is practically designed to allow various digital devices to properly communicate with each other over the internet. It works by pinpointing the location of the different devices and identifying them against each other. This is basically similar to emails, wherein the sender needs your mailing address to be able to send you a letter or whatever it is; on the other hand, remote computers or other devices need your IP address to communicate or send online requests to your computer.

The internet is a very wide system of a network which needs set of rules to be able to facilitate the smooth flow of data. The set of rules is known as the Internet Protocol. It is a systematic interconnection of the online community.

Internet Protocol address or IP address is classified into two: static and dynamic. The former refers to those which will never change. They are permanent and simple and are perhaps the most reliable way for remote devices to communicate with your device. They provide you with the location of a particular device. While the latter is the opposite, which means it is just temporary. They are only assigned whenever a device joins a network.

The internet community is rapidly expanding that is why we, the users, should learn and be knowledgeable of the updates and changes in network technology.

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