With the verge of modern technology, the word IP Address has become a popular term. But what do we know about it? It is basically a number which is assigned to each of the different devices, be it a computer, cell phone, tablet, etc., connected to a computer network which communicates through the use of the internet protocol.

It basically has two major functions. One, it serves as a network interface identification, and two, it is used for location address. These two functions make it necessary for various network communications by identifying and locating the host. We may not know when these functions exactly take place, but always remember that whenever you use the internet these functions are there in the background doing their job.

Currently, there are two versions of the IP Address that are widely used on the internet. There is the original version of the internet protocol, the IPv4 which is a 32-bit number. And a much newer version, the IPv6, which was developed due to the depleting number of IPv4 addresses caused by the rapid growth of the internet. Compared to the IPv4 which is only 32 bits, the IPv6 has a bigger address size which is 128 bits. The IPv6 is designed in such a way that it can cater to the increasing demand of addresses on the internet.

As daily users of the internet, we must be aware of the internet protocol address. That once we log on to the internet, our device is given a specific number which distinctly identifies it from the rest of the devices being used all around the world.

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